Since 2002 CFC Big Ideas team has organized a number of large-scale international offline events in more than 40 cities and countries around the globe. Since 2020, we have been actively experimenting and enhancing our expertise in online events.

The pandemic has significantly increased competition for consumer attention, divided between numerous events. This increases pressure for event organizers in terms of content. Today, a successful event requires not only star speakers, but also content that will appeal to consumers’ specific problems and pains. In most cases in the digital world, an event’s success is measured by the number of clicks on its website, as well as those on its sponsors, partners, and products. Such statistics are the most vital metrics of all our events, be they online, offline, or hybrid. The company’s biggest projects of the last five years include: GIOF – Global Inclusion Online Forum, GR Forum Global, Davos Energy Week.

Our business development expertise focuses on the three following areas:

  • Developing event strategies by designing approaches for events that align with the goals of the organization for long and short-term strategies.
  • Organization of online & offline events with planning, coordination, and execution of all types of events: online, offline, and hybrid environments.
  • Creating event marketing and sales pipelines with a focus on promotional strategies to attract attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to the event and maximize attendance and revenue for the event.
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Kostiantyn Gridin
Kostiantyn Gridin Partner
Bohdan Beisiuk
Bohdan Beisiuk Business Development Manager
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