What should we expect from virtual event platforms in 2023?

Virtual event platforms are turning into major community-building environments in 2023 and beyond. 

With an ongoing trend toward hybrid events, the platforms are rivaling for shared experiences in virtual reality. 

Available virtual event platforms help create engaging digital experiences ranging from conferences to all-hands meetings and entertainment.

Foremost, the most competitive virtual event platforms are generating emotionally-engaging user experiences. Further, top event market players are scaling events up to 100,000 attendees as a way of virtual community-building. Finally, beyond outstanding user experience, event management is much about the return on investment (ROI). 

Top competitive event platforms like Hopin enable large virtual events with multiple presenters and options like audience interaction, in-pair networking, and small-group sessions. Among others, Hopin is beyond webinar software; the platform allows interconnecting with other attendees and the event content.

The major distinguishing features at stake include the maximum amount of attendees, advanced tech options, and the extent of immersive virtual experiences

In terms of audience size, event platforms serve users as video conferencing tools that enable person-to-person interaction. Maintenance of large audiences of up to 100,000 attendees is among the core competitive advantages.  

Regarding advanced tech options, virtual event platforms outnumber video conferencing tools to drive high-engagement experiences. In this vein, most market players are pursuing: 

  • Audience analytics
  • One-on-one video networking
  • Attendee customization
  • Multi-session maintenance
  • Direct messaging
  • Q&A sessions 
  • Live polls, 
  • Event-wide chatting
  • Ticketing, 
  • Marketing suites, and 
  • Showcasing sponsors.

Hopin ranks atop all-in-one events management platforms. This is a lead all-in-one event venue with a plethora of all possible options for the attendees up to hybridizing in-person event experiences.

This is also a mobile app that facilitates virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Hopin is a web-based platform that serves attendees as a virtual event venue. Participant roles vary from guests to event hosts and managers.

Hopin’s in-built features allow memorable experiences shared among thousands of attendees regardless of their physical location. Hopin broadcast studio is perfect for customized events, keynote presentations, live interactive sessions, and video conferencing.

This virtual venue deploys StreamYard’s virtual greenrooms, customizable graphics, and high-definition visuals to ensure seamless live streams.‍

The platform allows 100,000 per stage and is free for events of up to 100 attendees.

Zoom Events serves attendees as a trusted video conferencing and virtual event platform. The venue combines Zoom Meeting functions with Zoom Video Webinars. The availability of event-led presentation options has made the platform extra popular online. 

Essentially, Zoom embraces multi-track conferences, multi-session summits, as well as peer-to-peer webinars‍. Zoom hosts can also stream live sessions in the lobby to attract more attendees. 

Zoom charges $99 a month for up to 500 attendees and is limited to 50,000 participants.   

Zoom is ideal for arranging internal video chats and conferences on an internal organization or in-group level. 

Airmeet is a virtual event platform suitable for online summits, workshops, and meetups with up to 100,000 attendees. A highly customizable event platform achieves maximum socialization through networking.

Attendees interact at Social Lounge arranged as virtual tables also suitable for trade shows and job fairs. 

The platform is a perfect match for virtual events & networking. There are no apps required to access or host virtual or hybrid events. This virtual venue ensures real-time engagement and superb interactions. Interaction options and broadcasting of live sessions are available through virtual tables. 

Shared Chats and Raise Hand options enable attendees to interact with the speakers.

Another popular software solution is known as Cvent. The live event management platform enables virtual, hybrid, and on-site events. Attendee surveying and marketing functions best serve event planning platforms and booking companies since 1999. Interaction options with event content exhibitors and sponsors feature Cvent as a corporate-focused platform.  

Cvent Studio encompasses video and audio stream production tools, like one-click transitions and in-built recording. 

Cvent’s video conferencing capacity is up to 500 attendees.  

Socio developed by Cisco is an in-person, virtual, and hybrid event platform equipped with in-built gamification features. 

A vast array of options enables up to 100,000 attendees to engage in live sessions and online streaming.

Launched as an in-person event tool, Bizzabo has enhanced as an Event Experience Operating System suitable for virtual, and hybrid events. The platform gathers data from event sessions for event managers and stakeholders.

In the aftermath of Covid-19, Hubilo> evolved from an in-person event engagement tool to virtual event software to boost attendee engagement. Attendees are engaged and motivated owing to gamification features, including interactive contests.  ‍

Matchmaking helps organizers spot individual interests and preferences among the attendees to explore individual user behaviors.   

All in all, after many events have returned back to “normal” offline mode, the rise of the virtual event platforms has slowed down. However, with a gradual rise of the metaverse projects in a couple of years we may expect another “boom” of online events in the Metaverse, as soon as one of those projects creates a new breakthrough in customer experience.

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