Crisis Communications

Since 2005 CFC Big Ideas has worked on crisis communications strategies in some of the largest corporate conflicts in Eastern Europe.

In the digital era of hyper-connected societies, crises do not happen – they strike. Unfolding overnight, modern crises spiral out of control instantaneously, disrupting and often paralyzing the normal functioning of businesses and organizations.

CFC Big Ideas helps its clients prepare and respond to crisis situations through timely, compelling and confident engagement strategies. Our experts have a successful track-record of helping companies and organizations across industries repel corporate raider attacks, neutralize negative PR campaigns, navigate through disruptive regulatory changes and alleviate unfriendly interventions by government agencies.

We protect our clients’ enterprise value and corporate reputation in special issues and crisis situations by helping them:

  • correctly assess the situation and forecast its escalation dynamics;
  • formulate and put in place effective internal crisis-preparedness planning procedures;
  • devise and execute rapid response crisis-mitigation strategies;
  • work with media to take a lead in the information space;
  • reach out to industry and government stakeholders to secure their support;
  • solicit the expert community and third-party endorsement through direct advocacy;
  • design and implement targeted digital reputation protection campaigns;
  • roll-out efficient communications support for litigation strategies;
  • train senior executives to effectively handle high-pressure media environments.
Key Contacts
Gennadiy Kurochka
Gennadiy Kurochka Founder and Managing Partner
Yuriy Sak
Yuriy Sak Partner — Director of Special Projects
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