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CFC Big Ideas’ core team believes that delivering “Big Ideas” to the world is impossible without making the whole process efficient, starting from within the company. Throughout the years, the company’s management has been experimenting and innovating with approaches to increasing teams’ productivity, motivation, and inclusion. Having come up with a number of unique and outstanding solutions, like fully blind hiring, we have developed several important HR innovations that we are ready to share with companies willing to take their productivity to the next level:

  • Inclusive Compensation System – pay-for-performance methodology that will eliminate all discussions around unequal pay and make team members super motivated to work towards a common goal;
  • Advanced Hiring Systems – advanced methodologies on talent selection, candidate assessment, both via blind and non-blind hiring, as well as structured hiring decision-making that will eliminate conscious and unconscious biases from the process, allowing senior management to scale the process across different departments;
  • Performance Evaluation Systems – including techniques and methodologies that will enable a company to link performance evaluation scores to promotion and salary raise decisions, allowing employees to refocus their efforts from internal lobbying to the real work.
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