How Focusing on a Niche can Help You Attract More Customers

Every business is interested in engaging more customers who sign long-term contracts. In order to get them, you need to first attract qualified leads to your website. 

Recently, we revealed an eight-step guideline on how to prepare for a successful leads generation campaign. Below I will discuss in detail one of the most critical aspects of lead generation on a company’s website, namely focusing on a niche market.

Why is it important to focus on a niche instead of a broad market?

When you focus on a broad market, your potential customers often have difficulty understanding how the solutions you offer can be tailored to them. Any lead will gravitate toward an expert in their field rather than another company offering services to a broader audience. Moreover, on your website, potential clients will find information about their specific pain points, needs, and possible business solutions, in contrast to your competitors’ generally oriented websites. Focusing on specific markets will make your company stand out. 

Focusing on a niche directly influences the return on investment (ROI) during your advertising campaign. 

Imagine you are an insurance company owner seeing two different ads while scrolling through your Facebook news feed: “Professional IT services for your business” and “Effective cloud solutions for your insurance company.” Which one would you click? Of course, the second one. First of all, it draws more attention to something specifically related to your industry and services. Second, it gives your potential clients an understanding of what they lack and how they will win from partnering with you. 

Needless to say, it will save you time and money to use smaller and more precise ad campaigns; you will also increase your chances of targeting the right person. 

Always consider the customer’s attention span

Our attention is limited in terms of duration and capacity. You might have noticed that when you read an article, you tend to ignore information that is not relevant to us at the moment, instead focusing on important and interesting details. In the same way, it is essential for your website to successfully grab  attention so visitors find the exact services they need. 

For example, if your webpage contains a lot of general information about your company, your lead’s attention will be significantly dispersed. One will not notice much difference between your company and another. However, if you put some hooks—indicators of your niche—your lead will be interested in reading more, understanding that your company can solve their pain points and increase the productivity of their business. In addition, the fewer steps a lead takes to find necessary details, the higher the likelihood he or she will become your customer. 

Information about the services you provide and the industries you work with should be displayed on the second and/or third part of your page and at the beginning of the navigation menu (either a horizontal or hamburger one). Make sure your leads do not have to click more than once to access these pages. 

So, what could be your niche? 

One of the most popular niche characteristics for a B2B service provider  could be industries you have expertise in, such as automotive, pharmaceutical, fintech, construction, and more. Even if you are ready to work with all existing markets, describe the scope of the services you have provided or can deliver to these specific customers. If you can, identify your case studies from each sector so potential clients can familiarize themselves with your company’s industry-specific solutions. This will strengthen your leads’ trust in you. For instance, if you describe how you optimized a mobile banking application or increased a bank’s customer data protection, you will invite the business of a fintech company. 

In addition to specific industries, include information about the software and programming languages you use. For instance, if your potential customer is eager to increase their data security, enhance database administration, and modernize the infrastructure, they will be more interested in contacting you upon seeing you have vast experience in cloud computing. 

What else can be your niche?

Size of a business

Do not write on your website that you are working with companies of all sizes. Instead, choose the precise size of a business you are ready to work with: startups, small and midsize businesses, or large companies. If a startup owner visits your website and sees that you are ready to work with both small and large companies, he or she may doubt whether they can afford your services or whether their project will be relevant for you. However, if you indicate that you are working with startups and list the services you can deliver exclusively to companies of this size, you will narrow your scope and increase the possibility of finding your ideal customer.

Type of the organization

There is no doubt that delivering services to non-governmental or governmental organizations differs drastically from working with private enterprises. Thus, it is essential to indicate which type of company you are ready to work with based on your experience and skills. 

Geography and languages

In most cases, these factors are determined by a company’s location. However, if you decide to work with clients from around the globe, you may want to prove your geographical presence in certain markets and/or knowledge of local languages. For geographical presence, having a phone number with a country or city code, which many companies list to “prove” their local presence, is not enough. To show you have a real geographical  presence in the country, you need to have at least one of the below:

  • Local physical office;
  • People who speak the local language;
  • Projects implemented for clients in this geographical location.

How do you define your niche? 

It is easy to define your niche if your company has worked with a large number of businesses and understands the scope of services it can deliver. However, what do you do if your business is only at the beginning stage? Think about your first clients as the foundations of your future niche. Pose questions such as: 

  • What made them choose your company from among others?
  • In which of these niches do you have the greatest expertise? 
  • Which of those clients was the most satisfied?

Depending on your answers, choose one or several industries to indicate on your website. Then analyze your capabilities in terms of programming languages, software, practices, etc. Furthermore, place all your case studies and testimonials from your customers on the same page. It will increase trust and confidence in your company. 

Having those characteristics clearly displayed on your website will save you significant time and money spent looking for qualified leads and will increase the possibility of getting a high lead-to-customer ratio.  

If you need more information on how to modify your website, amplify a LinkedIn page, or launch a lead generation campaign, we invite you to a video call with our business development manager.

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