October 7, 2020
5 p.m. (Kyiv time)


About 10–20 percent of the population of any country are people with disabilities, special needs, or members of vulnerable or discriminated groups. Each inclusive solution, product or service, aimed at meeting the needs of these groups, brings a company an average of 2 to 3 additional “non-inclusive” customers.

Diversity and Inclusion is one of the most progressive business trends in the Western business world, which is now only at the beginning of its journey to Ukraine. Meanwhile, most business leaders tend to look at inclusion only as an additional cost that helps improve their company’s reputation. Therefore, on most corporate websites, diversity and inclusion initiatives are located next to corporate social responsibility or even charity programs, and are managed by PR and HR executives without much involvement from senior management or company owners.

The experience of a number of global corporations as well as numerous research studies shows that diversity and inclusion practices can be used not only to establish social justice but also be a tool for additional income and business growth. More diverse companies are more likely to outperform less diverse peers on profitability. But for inclusion to work to its fullest, strategic leadership and proper involvement from senior management — CEO, COO, and board members is an imperative.

CFC Big Ideas — the first consulting company in Ukraine to open the practice of diversity and inclusion, intiving top managers and business owners from Ukraine to a free webinar aimed at demonstrating the commercial and financial benefits of inclusion & diversity as a tool for business growth.



Anna Krys
Head of Diversity and Inclusion Practice

Kostyantyn Gridin



CFC Big Ideas — an international communications consultancy based in Kyiv and Dubai, providing services in the field of strategic communications, government relations, management consulting, part of which is diversity and inclusion. In September 2020, CFC Big Ideas organized the world’s largest online diversity and inclusion event — Global Inclusion Online Forum, which featured 70+ world leaders in diversity & inclusion — world’s leading diversity and inclusion executives and consultants, representatives of the largest global corporations, D&I activists as well as business owners.

The idea of the forum and the opening of a new practice was inspired by the company’s manager Anna Krys, who, before joining CFC Big Ideas, worked in an IT company in Ireland and was a public activist in the field of diversity & inclusion. Thanks to her social activities in 2019, Anna was featured in the Irish rating “Top 30 under 30”. In the same year, already working at CFC Big Ideas, Anna won the hackathon from the European Union project “Regional Mechanism for the Development of Civil Society of the Eastern Partnership countries” with her inclusion IT project.

As part of working on inclusive projects, CFC Big Ideas, has developed and implemented several unique solutions under the leadership of the Partner — Kostyantyn Gridin. They include: a system of humanless promotion (promotion without human decision, based solely on indicators) that prevent bias and discrimination, the creation of inclusive structural units to attract people with special needs, a system of remote work and flexible scheduling, as well as an inclusive financial compensation system.